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About Research Health:

We set up Research Health to provide a service to assist manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics negotiate health technology appraisal (HTA) and gain market access.

The services we offer are rooted in the practical experiences of the HTA systems in the UK through experienced ex-NICE programme leadership and management. We bring experience of researching in the NHS, surveying related to NHS and patient perspective and up-to-date network connections in procurement and reimbursement.

  • The skills and experience are drawn from the leading NICE Programmes for;
    the assessment of Patient Access Schemes in the NICE Technology Appraisal process
  • The review of procedures and devices in the NICE Interventional Procedures Programme (de facto the regulator of procedures in the UK)
  • The assessment of Patient Access Schemes in the NICE Diagnostics Appraisal process

The Services We Provide Includes:

  • Guidance on the NICE and Scottish Medicines Consortium Technology Appraisal process and how to succeed in both.
  • How and when to use a Patient Access Scheme in Technology appraisal
  • The best format for a Patient Access Scheme in the value proposition, clinical setting and in practical implementation in the NMS
  • Building the PAS application including a survey of NHS Medicines management staff, clinical leads and patient groups.
  • Changing and withdrawing Patient Access Schemes from existing technology appraisals
  • Advising how to contribute to the NICE Interventional Procedures process and how to introduce a new device into the NICE to avoid being recommended for “Research-Only” until review (three years).
  • Bringing a proposal with a PAS in to the NICE Diagnostics Appraisal Process.

Company Support:

  • Providing objective and detailed workshops for Company teams in
    • The workings of Technology Appraisal;
    • Managed entry schemes (PASs in the UK);
    • Approaches to secure reimbursement in the NHS;
    • How to succeed with new devices in the NHS (through NICE Interventional and Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP)

Our Team

Andy Stainthorpe PhD BSc Dip Health Econ

Andy Stainthorpe PhD BSc Dip Health Econ

Lead Market Access Consultant

After a career in academic health research and national policy development (UK Research Councils), Andy joined NICE to set up and led the unit which reviews Patient Access Schemes in 2009. He established the mechanism for the assessment of Scheme proposals, including the process for NHS evaluation. He also led the NICE Interventional Procedures programme, setting up systems for more industry-friendly interactions. As the NICE expert in Managed Entry Schemes he developed the option for Patient Access Schemes in the Assessment of Diagnostics. More recently he led the development of the NICE input to the NHS England “Commissioning through Evaluation” Programme and was developing, through NICE, the standards for the EC Joint Action for the PAtient REgistries iNiTiative (PARENT).

Andy provides the inside track for the development of Patient Access Schemes, Technology Appraisal and Diagnostic Assessment Programme submissions. He can also advise on the assessment of devices through Medical Technology Evaluations and Interventional Procedure assessments.

Sarah Cummins BSc

Sarah Cummins BSc

Managing Director

Sarah is the brains behind the business managing team input and interactions with partner organisations. She has a degree in science and extensive experience in PR, marketing and journalism, education and retail.

Supporting Charity Initiatives

The Research Health team are engaged in international initiatives to support the work of charities. This includes initiatives facilitating access to new and innovative medicines, diagnostics and devices in developing countries and markets.

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