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Research Health provides services to pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device manufacturers gain access to the market in the UK and in the EU5.

We bring skills and experience attuned to the effective demonstration of value to achieve market access and reimbursement. We can assist the development of a value proposition in the market at all stages of the product lifecycle.
Building a clear value proposition is the key to market access and reimbursement for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical devices. Knowledge of the assessment and value challenges is a vital to building and demonstrating product strengths and patient benefits.

Research Health brings lead experience of the NICE Patient Access Scheme Liaison Unit, Interventional Procedures and Diagnostics teams to guide the development of product proposals into the programmes for Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Devices.

We can provide input on research relating to:

  • Product proposals and evidence development

    Bringing a product to the UK or EU market involves a number of market access hurdles. Developing individual products in all indications from the earliest point is key to the realisation of the full potential technologies offer.
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  • Market access

    Marketing authorisation from EMA is a significant hurdle – but for specialised technologies it is the start for various forms of value assessment and negotiation. Health technology assessment (HTA) is well established in the UK, EU5 and other countries of Europe.
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  • Educational events

    Research Health, with partners organisations including Kantar Health and Stisali Solutions, offers a range of educational support which includes tailored or bespoke workshops.
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  • Commissioner and key opinion leader assessment

    We are able to source relevant market intelligence from the key decision makers. This includes information from clinicians, pharmacists and procurement specialist.
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  • Patient involvement

    Our expertise can assist in bringing clarity to the benefits that new medicine may offer to patients.
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  • Charity related initiatives

    Research Health is working closely with charitable trusts in Romania and elsewhere to bring new medicines at affordable prices into European and other markets.
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